Just In Case Studies

Facebook, at long last, finally seems to be getting the hang of the whole advertising thing.
— AdWeek

From Creativity-online (AdAge) December 2, 2014

Earlier this year, Facebook began running its own promotional materials on users' newsfeeds. Now, the social network is adding helpful how-to's to the homepage through its "Just in Case Studies" campaign. Each of the five web- and mobile-compatible videos features a playful Facebook function explainer through the lens of a relatable scenario. The spots -- out of the social network's in-house creative studio The Factory -- will roll out through Dec. 16 with each one running for three days before becoming available on Facebook's very own Facebook page.

(In couple) The touchingly familiar scenario featured here explains blocking and unblocking, as a couple quarrel and then make up. Another shows the trustyedit function that writers and frequent Facebook-posters will appreciate, as a woman keeps changing the post announcing the title of her novel (without making any discernable progress in actually writing it). And two others will explain the equally important content-sharing and password-changing processes.