Nexus S Launch / Pure Google

Google said they would never make another phone. And then they did. A phone free of carrier malware and third party apps that tripped up basic functionality. We focused our campaign on the most amazing feature of the phone, the freedom of a 'Pure Google' experience.

Alo Alo 

Nexus S launch video

We shot the whole spot through the POV of users looking down on their phone as they walk, dance, fly threw different environments. The POV was ideal for putting the phone front and center and allowing viewers to experience the whole thing from a user's perspective. Each environment showcased a particluar app or feature of the phone as the sidekick who can take you where you want to go and then get out of the way as you go about enjoying life.

Gingerbread has landed

Nexus S Teaser Video

Google was planning on releasing its next version of the Android operating system alongside the Nexus S. Per googleplex ritual, a giant gingerbread was to be erected in honor of the new OS. This video is shot and narrated by a fanboy as he sneaks on campus and captures the unveiling of the giant gingerbread man. The video was shot, edited and on Tech crunch almost immediately.

Nexus S  Banners

(Video) Google loves their banners. Here are three of my favorites from a dozen we created for the Nexus S launch. 


Roll Credits

Client: Google
Agency: Muh-tay-zik | Hof-fer
ECD: John Matejczyk
CD: Diko Daglian
Art Director: Omid Rashidi
Copy Writer: John Matejczyk
Copy Writer: Jeff Kirchner
Copy Writer: Tylor Sharkey
Design Lead: Omid Rashidi
Designer: Ben Keyser
EP: Michelle Spear
Producer: Kelli Bratvold
Producer: Jeremy Summers (Web)
Producer: LIndsey Fa (Gingerbread)
Producer: Michelle Morris (Alo Alo)
Production Partner: 1st Ave Machine (Alo Alo)
Director: Asif Mian (1st Ave Machine,  Alo Alo)
Director: Paul Trillo (Gingerbread teaser)
Production Partner: Auto Fuss (Animation)
Production Partner: MymyStar (Banners)
Photography: Stan Musilek (Product Photography)